Q. Do you give references for your clients?

A. I do provide references for my suitors as long as I saw you more than once or twice. It is important for me to keep the community    safe and I don't feel comfortable doing so if I don't know you enough. I also will not accept references from a lady you have only met once for the same reason. You also have to ask me before you give my name to anybody. 

Q. Are same day appointment possible?

A. Yes they are possible unless you chose the references option for screening.

Q. What is a reasonable time to reach out to you?

A. Any day between 9am and 9pm. The text received outside of this time frame will be answer the next day.

Q. Do you accept outfit request?

A. I do accept simple outfit request when they are made upon prebooking like stockings, garter and lingerie. I do not own costume.

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