Thank you for your interest in my Website.


  1. I only see gentlemen who are over 22 yr old. There is no restrictions in terms of ethnicity.

  2. Booking must be done via text only and no texting applications are allowed.

  3. If you are a new suitor, please include your name, age, date, time, duration, type of session and the prefered method of screening between the following in your introduction:

    • A private message from an active board handle with more than 100 posts. (click on the board of your choice for direct access to my profile : TERBCAERF  SP411 

    • You can also provide 2 references from 2 reputable providers (Kindly ask the ladies if I can reach out to them prior to contact me with their info.)

    •  You can also send a 40$ etransfer, paypal or amazon gift card.  The deposit is included in the donation and not an extra. They are refundable if anything come up on my side.

Please note that if you are under 30 yr old, only the deposit option is available until I judge it unecessary. Also, no matter your age or how many times I saw you in the past, I may require any of these options at any times for you to book again. 

Any person who fail providing the basic informations in their introduction text will not receive any answer.


Text only (514)795-6576

Toronto, Ontario only

FrenchKonexion - Isabelle

Text only (514)795-6576

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